Middle East peace talks

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Trump dangles Middle East peace plan to limit Jerusalem outcry

Trump’s phone call to Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday, the day before he made his bombshell announcement on Jerusalem, appeared to shed new light on behind-the-scenes efforts to craft a peace blueprint but which has now been thrown into doubt because of an angry outcry across the Middle East.

Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi heads to Saudi Arabia on his Middle East tour

Abadi's visit to Saudi Arabia aims to promote reconciliation between the Sunni Muslim kingdom and majority Shi'ite Iraq


Middle East peace talks in focus at Palestinian development meet

Hamdallah expressed gratitude to donor nations, but said Israeli settlements were "severely" hampering development.

Netanyahu says no peace talks if Palestinians include Hamas

Hamas chief had met Mahmud Abbas to discuss reorganisation of Palestinian decision-making bodies.

Palestinians express doubts over 2-state future

'If Israel continues with these measures that it is employing today,the possibility of a two-state solution becomes very slim'.

Abbas offers to quit over stalled peace process

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas voiced disappointment at Washington for 'favoring' Israel in arguments over re-launching peace talks.