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Microbes don't mutate into dangerous superbugs in space: Study

While the team from Northwestern University in the US found that the bacteria isolated from the ISS did contain different genes than their Earthling counterparts, those genes did not make the bacteria more detrimental to human health.

Scientists to hunt microbes beneath Antarctic ice sheet

The expedition, known as SALSA, hopes to shed light on what kind of life can survive in such remote regions and serve as an on-Earth comparison for habitats deep inside Mars or on the ice-covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn.


New graphene-based sensor could boost food safety

The excellent optical and electronic properties of graphene make it attractive for sensors that use electromagnetic waves known as plasmons that propagate along the surface of a conducting material in response to light exposure.

Food source no longer an astronaut's worry, as scientists convert human waste to food

A new study has enabled scientists to convert human waste back into food. This is expected to have applications for astronauts, as food requirements become an issue during long spaceflights.

Fossil shows that life existed 3.5 billion years ago: Study

A study of rocks in Western Australia found microorganisms preserved, that prove that life existed on Earth as early as 3.5 billion years ago.

Our ‘microbiome’ may just be looking out for itself

Microbes are beneficial to us, but research suggests they may also be influencing our behaviour for their own evolutionary success.


Mouth bacteria claims stakes in people profiling,could be new password

Scientists have used oral bacteria to identify a person's ethnicity.

Bugs may be last surviving life on Earth

Thermophilic or heat-loving bacteria may be amongst the last life on Earth: study

Gut bugs help body extract more calories from food

The study was carried out in zebrafish,which are optically transparent when young.

Microbes on a map

The Joint Genome Institute in the US has started work on an encyclopedia of genomes of remote microbes....