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Brazil ex-president Michel Temer released by judge, prosecutors to appeal

Judge Ivan Athié of the TRF-2 federal appeals court said in his ruling that the evidence provided by investigators did not justify the "preventive" jailing of Temer and seven other defendants, including former minister Wellington Moreira Franco.

Brazilian president orders extradition of Cesare Battisti

Battisti was eventually released from jail, but was arrested again in 2017 after he was caught trying to cross the Brazil-Bolivia border carrying the equivalent of about $7,500 in undeclared cash.


Lawyers for Brazil's president Michel Temer ask top court to annul police graft accusations

Police have been investigating Temer for allegedly taking bribes in return for helping shape a decree regulating Brazil's ports, and in particular for extending concessions in the port of Santos to benefit companies of close associates.

Brazil President Temer charged with corruption, money laundering

He took office in 2016 after President Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

Brazil prosecutor asks top court to prevent police chief interfering in Temer case

The request relates to an investigation into whether Temer accepted bribes in exchange for extending a concession last year for operating services in the Port of Santos, Latin America's busiest container port.

Brazil's Congress rejects corruption case against President Michel Temer

The vote means that Michel Temer is safe from prosecution while he remains President. But he is still subject to investigation and possible trial by lower courts after his term ends in late 2018.


Brazil Congress passes law restricting online criticism of candidates

The legislation, which does not require a judicial order for candidates or parties to request the withdrawal of content from websites and apps, could be blocked by Brazil's President Michel Temer.

Top prosecutor to use new testimony against Michel Temer, source says

Prosecutors in Brazil have been investigating bribes and graft between politicians and private companies in the country's worst corruption scandal ever.

Brazil President Michel Temer wins Congressional votes to block graft charge

Brazil's lower house of Congress voted on Wednesday to reject a corruption charge against President Michel Temer for allegedly taking bribes, saving him from facing a possible Supreme Court trial that could have ousted him from office.

Vote nears on corruption trial for Brazil President Michel Temer

In a separate investigation, prosecutors cite a secretly recorded late-night meeting between Temer and one of JBS's owners, Joesley Batista. In the recording, Temer allegedly is heard authorizing hush money payments to senior politician Eduardo Cunha.