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Fahrenheit 451 movie review: Michael B Jordan shines in a hurried narrative

The 1-hour-and-30-minute long Fahrenheit 451's narrative finds it difficult to hold a candle to Ray Bradbury's book, but it does have its moments, its redeeming qualities, and at the top of that list stands tall and proud, the very talented Michael B Jordan.

Fahrenheit 451 trailer: Michael B Jordan is a book-burner in this adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic

Black Panther star Michael B Jordan will soon be seen in HBO's Fahrenheit 451, based on the novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury. The television film also features The Shape of Water star Michael Shannon in a pivotal role.


Fahrenheit 451: Michael B Jordan and Michael Shannon burn books in this dystopian HBO film

Fahrenheit 451, an upcoming HBO film, is based on a dystopian world, in which books are illegal. The hero, played by Michael B Jordan, is a 'fireman', who starts fires instead of extinguishing them. Michael Shannon plays his mentor.

Watch 12 Strong trailer: This Chris Hemsworth film looks slick

War as a film genre may be overdone, but once in a while a film comes that manages to radically alter it. The trailer of Chris Hemsworth's 12 Strong suggests it is one of those films.

Michael Shannon loved dressing up as Elvis for film

Michael Shannon enjoyed dressing up as Elvis Presley for his role in new film "Elvis & Nixon."

Oscars' like prom now: Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon says the Oscars are just like the world's most exclusive prom now.


Flying Too Low

There is a reason this film is called Man of Steel,and it’s got more to do with the “steel” part

Review Man of Steel: The word superman is kept at arm's length

<i>Man of Steel</i> has got more to do with the 'steel' part.

Movie Review: Man of Steel doesn't soar

This is not your Superman of red tights,phone booth changes,or fortresses of solitude.

Take Shelter

Is it real? Keep guessing till the end.