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Michael Phelps rules out comeback at Tokyo Olympics

Michael Phelps spoke about why there was no chance of him returning to the Olympics, which one was his favourite and what he enjoys doing these days.

Michael Phelps says he was scared of water as a kid

He may have been the greatest swimmer ever whose exploits in the pool include smashing almost all world records, but as a kid, Michael Phelps dreaded the water.


Saving a life more important than a gold medal: Michael Phelps on depression

Michael Phelps opened up about his struggle with depression and said that saving other people's lives who are facing the same disease is more important than winning a gold medal.

On This Day: Michael Phelps creates Olympic history in Beijing

At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Michael Phelps broke a record that stood for 36 years set by fellow US swimmer Mark Spitz.

I feel like the happiest man in the world: Michael Phelps announces birth of second child

Michael Phelps announced the birth of his second baby Beckett Richard Phelps with wife Nicole Johnson in an Instagram post.

I didn't want to be alive: Michael Phelps opens up about battle with depression

Swimming great Michael Phelps, who won 28 Olympic medals throughout his career, opened up about his battle with clinical depression at a mental health conference in Chicago.


I've got no desire to come back to competitive swimming, says Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps said he has 'no desire' to return to competitive swimming, but he is eager to stay involved with the sport and cheer on those who follow in his enormous wake.

Man vs Shark: Michael Phelps loses race against Great White Shark, watch

Olympic champion Michael Phelps swam a 100m stretch of warm Bahamas water in 38.1 seconds but lost out by two seconds to a Great White Shark swimming the same course, moving at a speed of 25mph.

Michael Phelps races a shark! But wait, he actually didn't, and Twitterati are mad

"I honestly feel so robbed that I just watched an hour of a stupid show to see Michael Phelps race a FAKE shark. #fakenews", tweeted out a disappointed viewer, echoing the sentiment of many who were glued on to their television screens hoping to catch the great Michael Phelps race an actual shark.

Olympic stars Michael Phelps, Simone Biles among finalists for The ESPYs

Multiple stars from last summer's Rio Olympics highlight this year's nominees for best male and female athletes for The ESPYs. Simone Biles and swimmer Katie Ledecky are two of the four female finalists.

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On This Day: Michael Phelps makes history at Beijing Olympics

On August 17, 2008, US swimmer Michael Phelps became the first athlete to win 8 Olympic gold medals. He broke the 36-year record held by Mark Spitz who had won 7 medals at the 1972 Olympics. He went on to win 23 Olympic gold medals in his career.