mice News

Cocaine may alter the brain within hours

Mice given saline solution showed no such increase,researchers said.

Overweight? You may blame genes

Studies find that people gain different amounts of weight while overeating by the same amount?


Malaysia targets 8 lakh tourists from India in 2014

Tourism Malaysia promoting itself as an exotic destination and set a target of attracting 8lakh footfalls.

Memory-boosting chemical found in mice

Among other things,the inactivation of eIF2 alpha is a brake on memory consolidation,says Walter.

Mice follow dads' example

Male mice with neglectful fathers grow up to be less nurturing to their own babies.

Lab-created human brain cells grow in mice

Development of these human MGE cells within mouse brain mimics what occurs in human development: study


Excess of starvation hormone markedly extends life in mice

Previous research has found that FGF21 can reduce weight in obese mice.

Scientists discover mice can sing and mimic complex sounds

Researchers found the mice have certain brain features,somewhat similar to humans.

Business boosts Gurgaon hospitality

With a diverse mix spread across sectors,companies in Delhi’s satellite city significantly contribute to the hotel marketcapital.

Fish oil increases risk of colon cancer in mice

Fish oil,recommended by doctors for heart and joint health,induced severe colitis and colon cancer in mice.