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Centre gives incentives to 10 states for success in police reforms

Police reforms has been on the agenda of successive governments almost since Independence. However, progress in this area has been slow which led to giving incentives to the states which perform better.

MHA clarifies on 'snooping' order: Notice only listed agencies empowered since 2011

“There is no new law. There is no change even in a comma or a full stop in the existing rules and regulations," the MHA official said, clarifying that the 10 agencies mentioned in the notification were already empowered to intercept electronic communications since 2011.


Centre relaxes height norms for STs, Gorkhas of Northeast applying for paramilitary forces

In a communication, the Home Ministry said the decision has been taken to maintain uniformity in height norms of male Gorkhas and male Scheduled Tribes candidates of the Northeastern region.

MHA agency to ensure crime scene videography

This is in an effort to prevent botch-up at the crime scene and hostile witnesses, particularly in high-profile cases.

MHA says security was under control in 2016, par panel rejects citing Jammu & Kashmir

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, headed by senior Congress leader P Chidambaram, also said lack of financial resources has resulted in loss of lives of police and paramilitary personnel in the fight against Naxals.

Khalistani activist Jaspal Atwal no longer in MHA blacklist

The central government time-to-time reviews the blacklist of the Sikh extremists taking into account intelligence inputs and activities of the persons concerned


Ministry of Home Affairs raises concern over surprise visit of chief ministers to states

All chief ministers are 'Z' or 'Z-plus' protectees and as per the laid down procedure, when a chief minister travels to another state, it is the duty of the host state to provide adequate security to the visiting chief minister.

Union Ministry of Home Affairs forms new divisions to check radicalisation, cyber fraud

This division will track and counter online fraud, hacking, identity theft, dark net, trafficking and cyber attacks on critical information infrastructure.

Of India's 33.69 lakh gun licences, 12.77 lakh in Uttar Pradesh: MHA

Punjab, which witnessed terrorism in 1980s and 1990s, has 3,59,349 active gun licences, most of which were issued during the two decades wherein militancy had engulfed the state. Punjab has a population of 2,77,43,338 as per the 2011 census.

MHA advises states, UTs against use of plastic flags

The MHA’s advisory has also reiterated that anyone who burns, mutilates, tramples or disfigures the national flag can face imprisonment of up to three years. The advisory said that on important national, cultural and sports events, only paper flags must be used and these must not be left on the ground after the event.