Extending MGNREGA to urban areas will create 50 million jobs: State Of Working India 2019 report

Interestingly, researchers observed that as much as 5 million people left the workforce between 2016 and 2018. "The beginning of the decline in jobs coincided with demonetisation in November 2016, although no direct causal relationship can be established based only on these trends," The State of Working India (SWI) 2019 report released by Azim Premji University says.

Telangana: 10 women MGNREGA workers killed as embankment collapses

The women, who were part of a workforce of more than 100 people engaged in digging a canal in Tileru village in Narayanpet district, were resting in the afternoon in the shade of the embankment when it suddenly caved in.


At NREGA ground zero, where it all began, TDP holds the seat & YSR son Jagan the surprise card

Surrounded by parched fields and rock formations, the village is part of the Singanamala assembly segment, one of the seven inside the Anantapur Lok Sabha constituency, all of which go to vote in the first phase on April 11.

MGNREGA wages fall below minimum wage in 34 states, Union Territories

Data shows that this is the maximum recorded divergence between the Centre-notified MGNREGA wages and the state-notified minimum wages since 2009, when both were brought on a par for the first time.

Rural distress: Last year of Govt saw highest demand for MNREGA jobs in 8 yrs

In 2014-15, the first year under of the NDA government when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had dismissed MGNREGA as “the living monument of UPA’s failure’, the person-days generated was just 166 crore.

Rash U-turns, half-baked plans

Social policy is in danger of getting lost in electoral histrionics.


With an ocean of salt

Interim budget does little to tackle unemployment, poverty. And it is clear that the government’s figures cannot be trusted.

Old, new welfare

BJP speaks a language similar to that of the Congress. This may not be as surprising as it seems.

Take 5: ‘To hold a post, will to serve more important than being educated’

A resident of Fatehpur village in Patna, Kuwar lives alone in her mud-and-thatched house since her husband went missing 20 years ago. She asks why MNREGA wages are not comparable with wages given as per labour laws

Interim Budget: MGNREGA estimate less than 2018-19 expenditure

Activists say the lower provision does not augur well for the scheme, which is already beset by a near stagnation in wages.