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Mexico pipeline blast death toll reaches 91, Pemex defends response

Lopez Obrador's government has come under close scrutiny for its handling of the incident, and questions were raised about why Pemex took so long to shut off the pipeline, having known about the rupture for hours before the blast.

Death toll reaches 85 in Mexico fuel pipeline fire horror

On Friday, amid countrywide fuel shortages at gas stations as the government attempts to stem widespread fuel theft, this particular section of pipeline had come back into service after being offline for nearly four weeks when somebody punctured the line again.


Fuel pipeline explosion kills at least 21 in central Mexico

Mexican television footage showed flames leaping into the night sky in the municipality of Tlahuelilpan to the north of Mexico City as people shouted and cried for help.

Bodyguards, maids, mistresses and enchiladas: Once-close aide tells of El Chapo’s once-lush life

The accommodations at the compounds were rustic, mostly composed of “humble pine huts,” Cifuentes said, with barracks for the drug lord’s 50-man security team. But behind their tinted windows, Guzmán’s personal houses had all of the amenities: a washer/dryer, a satellite dish and a DVD player hooked up to a plasma-screen TV.

Mexico fuel shortage worries industry as lines in capital grow

Despite assurances from government officials that the situation is in hand, industry concern is growing.

Seized opioid was bound for Mexico, key accused a known narcotics offender: Mumbai Police

Police has identified heart patient Salim Dola (52) as a key figure in the Fentanyl seizure. Dola’s plan was to send the containers to Mexico through cargo at the Mumbai airport, said police.


Mexican President hails end to aloof politics, launches daily address

In just 48 hours in office, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has stamped a marked change of style on Mexican politics.

Mexico's new government prepares sale of former president's plane

The $218 million presidential jet acquired in late 2012 is one of 60 government planes that will be sold, in addition to 70 helicopters

This Mexican druglord had a zoo, cash-filled jets and gave diamond watches to workers

The druglord used an expensive method to repatriate his profits: he flew the money back from the United States to Mexico in a fleet of private jets.

US fires tear gas into Mexico to repel migrants, closes border gate for several hours

Tensions on the border had been rising in recent days, with thousands of Central American migrants who arrived in a caravan camped out in a sports stadium in Tijuana.

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A day in the life of a migrant caravan in Mexico

Trump, who campaigned against illegal immigration to win the 2016 US presidential vote, has seized on this caravan in the run-up to the Nov. 6 mid-term congressional elections, firing up support for his Republican Party.

Thousands of Honduran migrants in US-bound caravan head into Mexico

A growing caravan of Honduran migrants streamed through southern Mexico on Sunday heading toward the United States, after making an end-run around Mexican agents who briefly blocked them at the Guatemalan border.


PHOTOS: 5 dead as massive 8.0 earthquake hits Mexico coast; strongest since 1985

An 8-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of southern Mexico on Friday, causing buildings to sway violently and people to flee into the street in panic as far away as the capital city.

PM Modi gets Mexico's support for NSG membership bid; ends his five-nation tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Mexico on a one-day-visit, where he garnered support for India's bid to NSG from Mexico.

Strong earthquake shakes Mexico's Pacific coast

The U.S. Geological Survey put the quake epicenter in the western Mexican state of Guerrero.

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Donald Trump’s evolving rhetoric on the wall

The core of US President Donald Trump’s argument for the southern border wall has remained largely the same. But as the fight wears on, his justification has expanded and details like cost and construction materials have evolved.

Michael Pena and Diego Luna reveal what to expect from Narcos: Mexico

Michael Pena, Diego Luna and Eric Newman reveal the story of Netflix series Narcos: Mexico. The series revolves around Mexican drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo and DEA agent Enrique Camarena Salazar.