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Patriarchy, traditional masculinity can hurt boys too

“We see that men have higher suicide rates, men have more cardiovascular disease and men are lonelier as they get older. We’re trying to help men by expanding their emotional repertoire, not trying to take away the strengths that men have.”

Rajkumar Hirani accused by assistant of sexual assault, he says charge malicious, false

#MeToo movement: The report says much of the alleged abuse happened during the post-production work of Sanju and that on April 9, 2018, Hirani first allegedly made a sexually suggestive remark and then assualted her at his home-office.


Digital Native: She Will Survive

But for that we have to recognise that the woman who says #MeToo is not just a flat, digital image.

Alok Nath granted anticipatory bail in rape case

Last month, Nath had filed an anticipatory bail plea before the court, a month after the Oshiwara police had booked him for rape.

Time to move beyond naming and shaming: Editors on #MeToo

Moving forward from “naming and shaming” on social media, which has been a significant manifestation of the #MeToo campaign, editors Friday offered tangible suggestions for the way forward and called for stronger more diversified newsrooms.

A time to speak up

As we open our eyes to 2019, we are all burdened with the responsibility of defining what “immense value” means to us? How do we, in the truest sense, set the foundations of a just and equal society, an idea enshrined in the Indian Constitution?


Stories beyond MeToo

Indian women journalists raucously telling their own stories in the MeToo movement have rarely spoken for truly voiceless women. Instead, they have chosen to tell the stories of women powerful enough to bring down a minister.

Cases of high and mighty, VVIP chopper scam kept trial courts busy in 2018

The #MeToo movement gathered momentum in India and forced veteran journalist and former union minister M J Akbar to approach a Delhi court with a defamation complaint against a scribe, who accused him of sexual misconduct nearly two decades ago.

#MeToo: The Road Ahead

The conversation started by #MeToo in Bollywood and the impact of digital entertainment will continue well into the coming year.

2018 looking back: Politics of Pop

We lost much melody with musician Annapurna Devi’s demise this year. We’ll remember it for shoddy remixes; but more importantly for musicians who raised their voices politically and became part of the #MeToo movement.

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Google employees across the world stage walkout to protest handling of sexual harassment scandals

Highly paid engineers and other workers in Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York, Seattle and San Francisco, staged walkouts of about an hour, reflecting rising #MeToo-era frustration among women over frat-house behaviour and other misconduct.

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'The patriarchal notion that women are not in the right place when working outside homes, persists... Need sensitisation in every workplace'

Justice (retired) Sujata Manohar talks about the importance of #MeToo as a women's empowerment movement, why there is a need for 'fresh thinking' on the 2013 sexual harassment guidelines and more.

MJ Akbar better positioned to speak on allegations of sexual harassment: Smriti Irani

At a FICCI event in Mumbai, Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani said the junior minister was better positioned to speak on the allegations of sexual harassment levelled against him by at least 7 women journalists.


Six women journalists accuse union minister MJ Akbar of sexual harassment

At least 6 women journalists, who have previously worked with MJ Akbar, the Minister of State for External Affairs, accused him of sexual harassment during his time as a journalist and editor.