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#MeToo campaigner Sandhya Menon on the challenges of being a single mom

"I don't have a set rule to talk about financial issues with my kids. When I have no money, I tell them that I can't afford stuff. I don't tell them numbers or how much money I have. But I have come to realise that children need to know how much something costs."

Being Baba: Raising a good man

"I'll teach him to always be respectful and kind. Doesn't matter if you're talking to a boy or a girl. To someone younger than you or older than you. I've always found that if you're good to someone, they will be good to you."


Priya Ramani summoned in MJ Akbar defamation case: A chronology of events

A Delhi court Tuesday summoned scribe Priya Ramani as an accused in a defamation case filed by former Union minister M J Akbar after she levelled allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Another side of #MeToo: Male managers fearful of mentoring women

“Basically, #MeToo has become a risk-management issue for men,” said Laura Liswood, secretary-general of the Council of Women World Leaders.

Digital Native: She Will Survive

But for that we have to recognise that the woman who says #MeToo is not just a flat, digital image.

Time’s Not Up

Where #MeToo infamy has no social consequences.After a PR disaster, it’s worth a shot to try and spin something around what Oscar Wilde once said, ‘every saint has a past and every sinner a future’.


Rani Mukerji and the worst advice to end the year of #MeToo

Rani Mukerji was the Messiah we all needed at the roundtable. Living in an ideal world, she believes that "back off" would end all instances of sexual assaults. The actor's optimism was both enviable and absurd.

#MeToo: The Road Ahead

The conversation started by #MeToo in Bollywood and the impact of digital entertainment will continue well into the coming year.

What after #MeToo? Let’s listen to heal

Schools and colleges cannot wash their hands of the perpetrators by shaming and handing out injunctions

#metoo on BCCI CEO Rahul Johri: Board divided, suspense over decision continues

BCCI awaits CEO Rahul Johri’s fate, summary of probe report likely to be put on the board’s website

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'The patriarchal notion that women are not in the right place when working outside homes, persists... Need sensitisation in every workplace'

Justice (retired) Sujata Manohar talks about the importance of #MeToo as a women's empowerment movement, why there is a need for 'fresh thinking' on the 2013 sexual harassment guidelines and more.

MJ Akbar and the #MeToo campaign: A timeline

Junior minister MJ Akbar has filed a case of criminal defamation against Priya Ramani, the first woman to have publicly accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Here's a timeline the case so far.