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Saturday, March 28, 2020

mental health


Early childhood: Emotional and mental health is a concern for toddlers

March 16, 2020 11:20 am

It has been found that when mental health concerns are identified early, it is easy to track them.

Coronavirus and mental health: Things people suffering from anxiety should know

March 16, 2020 6:05 pm

In a crisis situation, it is important to consume information that is coming to you from credible sources only.

Kids who blame themselves for mom's sadness may experience depression: Study

March 14, 2020 9:35 am

Children who take on this blame can benefit from therapies and interventions that target negative thoughts.

To look leaner, I foolishly cut down on carbs: Yami Gautam

March 11, 2020 5:23 pm

Yami Gautam sheds light on experiencing body image issues while conforming to society's standards of looking leaner and fitter.

Fighting anxiety? These things can prove to be therapeutic

March 11, 2020 12:30 pm

In the absence of a proper outlet, many people around the world are left confused and overwhelmed.

Your partner's optimism can help keep your mind healthy, says science

March 04, 2020 5:11 pm

An optimistic person can influence and encourage their partner to follow suit and live a healthier life.

Can mental health disorders affect pregnant women and their babies?

March 02, 2020 9:15 am

Can a woman’s mental health affect her or her baby during the three stages of pregnancy – conceiving, during pregnancy, and post-delivery stage?

Meditation may be associated with specific brain connection changes: Study

February 22, 2020 4:43 pm

The levels of anxiety and stress perceived by the subjects who followed the meditation program were significantly reduced in comparison with those of the volunteers who did not practice TM, says study.

Feeling exhausted? Here's how you can recover from a burnout

February 10, 2020 3:56 pm

Burnout is mostly characterised by exhaustion and cynicism.

Kids' mental and physical health: Why the right environment matters

February 07, 2020 2:06 pm

Family has an important influence on the child's mental and physical development.


Six women journalists accuse union minister MJ Akbar of sexual harassment

October 10, 2018 4:50 pm

At least 6 women journalists, who have previously worked with MJ Akbar, the Minister of State for External Affairs, accused him of sexual harassment during his time as a journalist and editor.