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Maternal bacterial infection during pregnancy increases risk of psychotic disorder in kids

Male offspring were significantly more likely to develop psychosis due to bacterial infection during pregnancy. Female offspring, on the other hand, showed no difference in risk with exposure. Again the male offspring was twice more prone to psychosis as compared to female offspring.

Parents can't tell mood changes from signs of depression in kids, reveals survey

It is normal for kids to feel sad or have mood swings. But if they are sad or uninterested in things they previously enjoyed or if they feel hopeless for long periods of time, parents should check for depression.


Virat Kohli opens up about depression: Here are others who have spoken about mental health

Several celebrities have opened up about battling mental health issues in the recent past.

Curious about Stockholm Syndrome? Here's everything you need to know

Here are some films if you are looking to understand Stockholm syndrome better: Three Days Of The Condor (1975), Buffalo ‘66 (1998), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Highway (2014), and even (an unpopular opinion) Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

Can you tell if your child is having a panic attack?

The common signs of panic attack are chest pain, breathlessness, nausea, sweating, dizziness, losing control. Kids experiencing panic attack won't be able to verbalise it. They may be very restless or complain of chest pain or stomach pain.

Will Pucovski withdraws from Australia squad again for 'mental wellbeing'

Will Pucovski has previously taken a six-week break from cricket because of mental health issues and left the Australia squad that played Sri Lanka this year for the same reason.


Can you handle rejection?

If rejection overwhelms you, you could be suffering from 'rejection sensitive dysphoria'; find out what it is.

After Glenn Maxwell, Nic Maddinson out of Pakistan tour game on mental health grounds

Nic Maddinson's withdrawal comes just over a week after Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell pulled out midway through the Twenty20 series against Sri Lanka over mental health issues.

Top 5 ways to boost your child's mental health

In today's world, the burden on kids is ever-mounting. From studies to extra-curricular activities, kids are regularly subjected to constant pressure to become the best in every field. And only a parent can put an end to this.

A good way to navigate around mental illnesses

Learning to live with mental illness is vital to cope with the toll it takes.

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Six women journalists accuse union minister MJ Akbar of sexual harassment

At least 6 women journalists, who have previously worked with MJ Akbar, the Minister of State for External Affairs, accused him of sexual harassment during his time as a journalist and editor.