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J-K: A doctor's crowd funding project to ensure sanitary napkins for poor girls

Dr Auqfeen, who is pursuing her MD in Community Medicine named her crowdfunding project as ‘Panin Fikar’ (Self Care) and she has managed to reach at least 200 poor girls so far.

If your child asks you about the period emoji, what do you say?

Children have access to smartphones from a very young age now. This means there are chances they might come across the period emoji, once introduced, and may also use it, perhaps, without even knowing what it stands for. Will the emoji encourage parents to talk about periods with their children?


UK launches global fund to help end 'period poverty' by 2050

Globally, about 288 million women are on their period each day, yet one in three don't have access to a toilet to use during menstruation, according to the charity WaterAid.

Plays, Dances To Raise Menstrual Health Awareness At ‘Period Fest’, girls from 50 govt, Navyug schools lead the way

Boys from co-ed schools were barely present. “We didn't ask that schools send only girls, which shows that there are still gaps and work to be done,” said Narula.

This New Year, Kolkata company introduces period leave as a gift to its women employees

Starting from January 2019, all the women employees of FlyMyBiz will have twelve holidays as their period leaves in addition to their other holidays, said its founder-CEO Samya Datta.

PMDD still goes undiagnosed and untreated, but help could be on way

Most women remain unaware of the disorder and do not know that they are suffering not from PMS, but PMDD.


M for menstruation

Menstrual politics is at the heart of the Sabarimala entry controversy. By a majority 4-1 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the prohibition of girls and women between the age of 10 and 50 into the Sabarimala temple was unconstitutional.

From ginger tea to salmon: Foods that can help deal with menstrual cramps

A few changes can help you make menstrual cramps a little less excruciating. From ginger to bananas, here are some foods you should include in your diet.

Difficult Conversations: Let's talk about menstruation, with girls and boys

Menstruation has always been plagued by euphemisms-Aunty, Aunt flow, those days, chums, and many more. Recently, while talking about body parts, we had discussed how it is essential to name the body parts by their actual names. The same logic holds here too.

Suffering from period cramps? Here are some natural and pharmaceutical remedies for you

Most women experience stomach cramps at some point or the other because of their menstrual cycle. Contrary to widespread belief, they need not suffer the pain; there are ways to get relief.