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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Menstrual Hygiene Day


Menstrual Hygiene Day: What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?

May 28, 2021 12:46 pm

"To diagnose PMS, a gynaecologist must confirm a pattern of symptoms that is present in the five days before a period for at least three menstrual cycles in a row and end within four days after a period starts," said Dr Prathima Reddy

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Dos and don’ts for a healthy, happy period

May 27, 2021 8:20 pm

Here are a few menstrual hygiene dos and don’ts for first-timers

Menstrual cups: The sustainable and eco-friendly period partner

May 29, 2020 6:19 pm

Menstrual cups are not just sustainable in nature, but eco-friendly as well. Unlike sanitary napkins or tampons, they do less damage to the environment.

Neha Dhupia to Dia Mirza, celebs take part in 'red dot challenge' to talk about periods

May 28, 2020 3:50 pm

The initiative started ahead of International Menstrual Hygiene Day, being celebrated today, March 28, 2020.

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Ayurvedic diet tips to ease your menstrual problems

May 29, 2020 2:55 pm

Ayurveda recommends different types of treatment for menstrual problems.

Talking menstrual hygiene with teenage daughter? Here's what you should know

May 28, 2020 12:28 pm

This Menstrual Hygiene Day, we asked a doctor some FAQs on what a teenager ought to know when she is starting her periods.

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: How to make periods more hygienic

May 28, 2020 7:10 pm

Poor feminine hygiene during one’s periods can lead to vaginal irritation, urinary tract infections (UTI), and even cervical cancer.

Let's talk periods: This 16-year-old student started dialogue on menstruation in her UP village

May 28, 2020 4:34 pm

Shikoh Zaidi, a resident of Uttar Pradesh's Hardoi district, is trying to break myths that surround menstruation practices. Through videos and slogans, she is educating young girls at her village to talk about periods.

Menstrual Hygiene Day: 'Happy to bleed', says song made by youngsters from Akola

September 18, 2019 10:09 am

On Sunday, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis tweeted a YouTube link to the song and music video, describing it as a “very happy” song.

Mumbai: Menstrual hygiene kits launched for visually impaired

May 31, 2019 3:07 am

Siddhant Shah and Anisha Shah are founders of Access For All. They decided to do this after discovering that there were almost no braille books that dealt with menstrual hygiene. Each kit costs Rs 20,000, but mass production will help lower the price, Shah said.