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Post menopause, pear-shaped women might be healthier than apple-shaped

Women who had lower percentages of leg fat and more percentages of waist fat were at risk three times more than those who had the opposite distribution. 

Cycling sprints may reverse health effects of menopause, says study

Menopause is accompanied by a decrease in muscle mass and aerobic fitness and an increase in fat mass, which contributes to the increased rates of type 2 diabetes in postmenopausal women.


Strenuous exercise in teenage may prevent height loss post menopause

The average height loss among the more than 1,000 women studied was fourth-tenths of an inch during an average five-year follow-up. The 70 women who experienced height loss of more than an inch were older in age, weighed more at baseline and had a higher intake of corticosteroids.

Eating lots of rice may advance start of menopause

A diet with lots of refined pasta and rice showed that menopause was more likely to occur one-and-a-half years earlier than average. "The age at which menopause begins can have serious health implications for some women," said a researcher.

Going through menopause? Brace yourself against sleep apnea

Both the pre-menopause as well as the post-menopause stages in women tend to become a very challenging due to major hormonal changes in the body.

Wave off menopause symptoms with acupuncture

A study performed by Nancy Avis on women undergoing menopause showed that acupuncture helped women a great deal with their symptoms.


Menopause and depression: Sedentary lifestyle can worsen symptoms

Women were considered to be sedentary if they reported fewer than 3 weekly sessions of physical activity, such as walking, jogging, or swimming.

Smoking linked to breast cancer in young women

The researchers found that pre-menopausal women who smoked for more than 21.5 years had a 3.1-times higher risk of dying from any cause and a 3.4-times higher risk of dying from breast cancer.

Regular workouts reduce menopause symptoms

Just more than half of the participants (51 per cent) met the definition of being physically active.

Short Course: Caffeine may worsen menopausal hot flashes, night sweats

The findings of this largest study will be published in the journal Menopause.