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Poor sleep may adversely affect memory in older adults, says study

The study's takeaway message may be that regular sleep is important at any age for the best cognitive performance.

Virtual reality can help improve quality of life for dementia patients, study

These memories not only provided positive mental stimulation for the patients but helped their caregivers learn more about their lives before care, thereby improving their social interaction.


Brain zaps help boost memory in people over 60: Study

The treatment is aimed at 'working memory', the ability to hold information in mind for a matter of seconds as you perform a task, such as doing math in your head.

Like old photos, memories fade over time, according to a study

These findings provide evidence that the vibrancy of low-level details - such as colours and shapes associated with an event - fade in memory while the gist of the experience is retained.

Electric pulses to brain may boost memory by 15 per cent: Study

A study has shown that electrical impulses passing through the brain can improve information retention and memory by upto 15 percent.

Prebiotics in formula milk may boost babies' memory skills

Breast milk contains natural sources of prebiotics: small, indigestible fibre molecules that promote the growth of good bacteria in the baby's gut, which is not present in the standard formula milk.


Forgetting things at times could be good for memory

Forgetting things is very common among people who keep quite busy. Studies have proven that forgetfulness could actually be good for your memory.

Can't remember to complete tasks? Set cue-based reminders for yourself

We all have a habit of forgetting tasks that need to be completed. Cue-based reminders or sticky notes could help jog your memory a little.

Just paying attention is not enough for information retention

New research suggests that people tend to remember only those things better that they expect to have future relevance.

Here's a sneak peek into how our working memory functions

Our brain operates in a very sporadic, periodic way, with lots of gaps in between the information the brain represents.