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Brainwaves during sleep strengthen memories, says study

The study, published in the journal NeuroImage, shows how learned information turns into reliable memories during sleep.

11 very Indian things that kids today are not aware of!

From games to food, most children today are missing out on a lot of quintessential things that once comprised childhood bliss in India.


Here's how you can get bad memories out of your head

Change the context of the memories and see if it helps.

Aishwarya Dutta in Tamil remake of 'Memories'

Aishwarya Dutta will be playing one of the leads in the yet-untitled Tamil remake of Malayalam blockbuster "Memories".

Watch: Man regrets not writing this love letter before, and now it's too late

Are you making beautiful memories with your loved one? If not, wake up and do it now.

Memories are made of these

Snowy Mussoorie nights, the family under one roof and chocolates before breakfast. Author Stephen Alter revisits the Christmas of his childhood.


Forever Young

Shashi Kapoor is among the popular actors who regardless of the passage of time, remains firmly etched as eternally young and romantic in the collective memories of their fans

We make our best memories by age 25

US found that when older adults were asked to tell their life stories, they overwhelmingly highlighted the central influence of life transitions in their memories.

Younger people have 'high definition' memories, can retrieve them better than the aged

Younger people seem to have better memories because they are able to retrieve them in higher definition, scientists have found.

Nostalgia can make you more optimistic

Research examined the idea that nostalgia is not simply a past-orientated emotion.