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Election 2019 was a meme festival, says ‘meme curator’

At Meme Regime 2.0, curated by Nakade, the audience was given a background of the cultural phenomenon of memes as an art movement and the event made memes accessible at the same time. It was held at TIFA Working Studios on Sunday.

A student of psychology at Symbiosis is also a meme-maker and curator of a series of exhibitions in Goa

One of the aims of the exhibition is to set a precedent for memes to be recognised as a legitimate art form. There is a curatorial walk, where visual and audio aspects of memes are explained, from the old jokes to historical landmarks.


Memes could be filtered out by EU copyright law

Experts warn about EU law which could change the architecture of the internet, forcing websites to install flawed and expensive filters that would block satirical content like memes and lead to digital monopolisation.

'Talking like a boss' is the new in-thing among Gen-Y

The whole new set of phrases and abbreviations like LOL and ROFL is called 'memes'.

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These funny answers by kids show that they're much smarter than any of us!

These funny test and homework answers show these children will go far in life.

Baby born with full head of hair is an instant Internet meme-hit!

When Isabelle Kaplan's pictures were shared on social media, the Internet went crazy superimposing her well-endowed head on different images and speculating the ideal career for someone so blessed with hair.