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Stop sunbathing: Generation of tanners see spike in deadly melanoma

The report blames a generation of sun worshipping for the $8 billion spent to treat all forms of skin cancer each year.

Skin cancer may up risk of other cancers

People who suffer from common skin cancers are at a risk of developing other cancers.


Genes that determine mutation in pigeons can also cause melanoma in humans: study

The three key genes that determine feather colour in pigeons are the same that can be responsible for melanoma and albinism.

New drugs for hard-to-treat childhood cancers

The drug seems to be effective against every type of cancer cell.

New treatment target for melanoma skin cancer discovered

Scientists discovered a new channel-forming protein called Pannexin (Panx1) that is expressed in normal levels.

Three faulty genes raising skin cancer risk 'identified'

People with blond or red hair,family history of disease are more likely of contracting melanoma.


Cells aiding melanoma ‘identified’

In what may pave the way for preventing melanoma,an Indian-origin scientist-led research team claims to have identified “co-conspirator” cells in the genesis of this dangerous form of skin cancer.

Doctors most likely to spot melanoma early in men

Older men should visit their doctors to check for melanoma because they are less likely to find it themselves in time,US researchers said.