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'No longer deserves to serve in White House': First lady Melania Trump seeks aide’s firing

The fact that Ricardel was in limbo on Tuesday reflected an unusual amount of muscle-flexing by the first lady — who normally avoids internecine palace intrigue — as well as the limits of her influence.

Melania Trump denies cheating rumours about Donald Trump

Trump, who during the 2016 presidential campaign was heard on an old ``Access Hollywood'' tape talking about groping and trying to have sex with women, has been accused of having multiple affairs.

Melania Trump says she might be 'the most bullied person'

Critics have pointed out that her husband, President Donald Trump, routinely mocks people for their looks and for what he says is a lack of talent or intelligence.

Does Melania Trump Ever Tell the President to Put Away His Phone? ‘Yes!’

Standing in front of one of the best known but most enigmatic monuments of the ancient world, the Great Sphinx, Trump — one of the most mysterious first ladies in modern times — agreed to take questions from a group of journalists.

Melania Trump draws flak online for wearing pith helmet in Kenya, a symbol associated with colonial opression

The pith helmets were worn by European explorers and imperial administrators in Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East in the 19th century before being adopted by military officers, rapidly becoming a symbol of status – and oppression.

Melania Trump promotes US agency, Trump wants to cut funding

Mrs. Trump toured classrooms at Lilongwe's Chipala Primary School, which gets textbooks and other education assistance from the US Agency for International Development.

Melania Trump's parents become US citizens using a law their son-in-law wants eliminated

The Slovenian immigrants, a former car dealer and textile factory worker, had been living in the US as permanent residents.

The other Trump

With subtle jibes, Melania Trump may be expressing anger at her husband’s bigotries. Or is she trying to temper their effect?

Amid James flap, Melania Trump again charts her own course

If not full-fledged acts of defiance, the first lady's moves to chart her own course have drawn attention and made her, to some on the left, an unlikely and hidden symbol of the "Resistance."

Melania praises LeBron James following Donald Trump’ scathing tweet

The First Lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham on Saturday said Melania Trump was supportive of James' work with children.


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