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Out of my mind: Break away

If the outcome is a narrow margin in favour of No, the battle will not end. If it is narrowly for Yes, the game is over.

Out of my mind: Binary battles

Even the most organised political parties cannot be micro-managed by the top leadership.


Out of my mind: Colonial hangover

Once the members are elected, the quality of performance of the elected legislators leaves a lot to be desired.

Out of my mind: History wars

British historians cannot agree about the civil war after four centuries of debate.

Out of my mind: The Khilafat movement

Reviving the Khilafat has been a dream of the Islamist movement, if not of many Muslims themselves.

Out of my Mind: Many bitter pills

'Good governance' promised by the PM entails tough decisions. It is only when a lot of the toxic stuff has been eradicated that ‘achche din aayenge’.


Out of my Mind: The travails of power

The Budget, which will set the mark of the new government, will have to be tough since the previous government has left behind a scorched earth.

Out of my mind: Revolution or renaissance?

Think of the election results not as a revolution or a futuristic event, but more as a renaissance — a rebirth, a restoration.

Out of my mind: Who would want to be PM?

Prime Ministers’ reputations have lately been trashed, not just for the incumbent — who has been the subject of two books — but also the last PM.

Out of my mind: The Tower of Babel

Why in a secular republic are Hindus allowed reservations, but Muslims are unable to get them?