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Meditation can help children use their energy in positive ways

Meditation helps you in handling stress better. In today's day and time, children undergo a lot of stress as a result of peer pressure, performance pressure, etc. That's where meditation can do wonders for your child.

Meditation, yoga can sharpen your mind

The research showed that breathing, a key element of meditation and mindfulness practices, directly affects the levels of a natural chemical messenger in the brain called noradrenaline. They believe that the findings could have particular implications for research into brain ageing.


Meditation, yoga can 'reverse' stress-causing DNA reactions

Meditation, yoga and Tai Chi may decrease the production of NF-kB and cytokines, leading to a reversal of the pro-inflammatory gene expression pattern and a reduction in the risk of inflammation-related diseases.

Yoga, meditation may reduce Alzheimer's risk: Study

Yoga and meditation were found to provide a broader range of benefits than memory enhancement exercises among those at risk of Alzheimer's.

Meditation enhances focus in media multitaskers

A study has revealed that through mindfulness meditation, heavy media multitaskers may adapt a more focused attention.

Meditation can help teens fight obesity

If you can make a practice of keeping the awareness with you at every meal, this could benefit you throughout your life.


Meditation and ballet dancing may increase wisdom

The results of the study showed that those who practised meditation, vipassana (29 per cent), mindfulness (23 per cent), had more wisdom than those who did not.

Here's how mindfulness meditation can improve your health

Mindfulness meditation training improves your brain's ability to help you manage stress, and these changes improve a broad range of stress-related health outcomes.

Cut racial prejudice: All it takes is seven minutes of meditation

Go for the 'loving-kindness' meditation. It is a Buddhist practise that promotes unconditional kindness towards oneself and others.

Four life skills only Kabaddi can teach you

Kabaddi might not rank among one of the popular sports in India, but the skill sets required to play the sport extend well beyond the game.