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Sri Lanka eliminates measles; here's how India can achieve its 2020 target

Notably, according to WHO, one-third of all measles-related deaths worldwide occur in India.

Where India stands in battle against measles, how Sri Lanka eliminated it

India has a long road ahead, particularly because vaccine-resistant voices are sometimes being heard.


Sri Lanka has eliminated measles, announces WHO

The elimination of a disease means that there have been zero new cases of the disease in the last three years.

Despite measles warnings, anti-vaccine rally draws hundreds of ultra-orthodox Jews

Since the measles outbreak began last fall, the health authorities have embarked on a sweeping and exhaustive campaign, repeatedly urging people to get vaccinated and fighting the spread of misinformation.

Amid measles outbreak, states seek to cut off religious exemptions for vaccination

In the face of outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, some have alleged religious exemptions have been abused by ``anti-vaxxers'' who believe vaccines are harmful despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

More than 700 at two California Universities under quarantine amid measles outbreak

Los Angeles is the latest metropolitan area to be hit by measles. On Wednesday, federal health officials said the number of measles cases in the US had risen to 695, the highest annual number recorded since the disease was declared “eliminated” in the country in 2000.


2.9 million children in India miss first dose of measles vaccine: UNICEF

India, with its large annual birth cohort of 25 million, is followed by Pakistan and Indonesia - 1.2 million each, and Ethiopia 1.1 million, it said, adding that the situation is "critical" in low and middle-income countries.

Here's all you need to know about measles in children

If you think your child is showing any symptoms of measles, you should consult a paediatrician or a general physician immediately. Since this is a contagious disease, parents must ask if the doctor can visit your child at home. A measles infection can last for several weeks.

Global measles cases up 300 per cent year-on-year: WHO

Measles, which is highly contagious, can be entirely prevented through a two-dose vaccine, but the World Health Organisation (WHO) has in recent months sounded the alarm over slipping global vaccination rates.

‘Monkey, rat and pig DNA’: Misinformation drives the measles outbreak among ultra-orthodox Jews

Jewish leaders say that anti-vaccine messaging spreads through grass-roots activism and has found a foothold largely because many Hasidim have limited access to the internet or rigorous scientific research