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Sri Lanka eliminates measles; here's how India can achieve its 2020 target

Notably, according to WHO, one-third of all measles-related deaths worldwide occur in India.

WHO declares Sri Lanka 'measles-free' nation

Sri Lanka is the fourth country in the WHO South-East Asia Region, after Bhutan, Maldives, and Timor-Leste, to eliminate measles and control rubella.


2.9 million children in India miss first dose of measles vaccine: UNICEF

India, with its large annual birth cohort of 25 million, is followed by Pakistan and Indonesia - 1.2 million each, and Ethiopia 1.1 million, it said, adding that the situation is "critical" in low and middle-income countries.

As vaccination rates drop, measles outbreak is now an emergency in Washington State

An outbreak of measles has also occurred in the Orthodox Jewish community in New York, where 64 confirmed cases of measles were reported, mostly late last year.

Measles Rubella Vaccination: Understanding the question of parental consent

The latest Global Measles and Rubella Update says India had 56,399 confirmed measles cases and 1,066 confirmed rubella cases in 2018.

Gujarat: State govt extends vaccination drive for MR by 10 days

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said 40 lakh children are yet to be vaccinated due to various reasons like rain and festivals.


Centre completes first phase of measles-rubella vaccination campaign

Under the measles-rubella (MR) vaccination campaign, all children in the age group of 9 months to less than 15 years will be vaccinated in a phased manner across the nation. Following the campaign, MR vaccine will become a part of routine immunization and will replace measles vaccine.

Powdered measles vaccine found safe in early trials

Countries dabbling with conventional injectable vaccine against the measles virus may soon have an alternative.

16 Surat children land in hospital after vaccination

Sixteen children who complained of giddiness after being administered measles vaccine were admitted to a hospital on Monday,officials said.

9- month-old child dies after vaccination

A nine-month-old child died in the Trauma Center in Lucknow following administration of measles vaccine in Barabanki.