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Fun with Maths: How to teach odd and even numbers to your child

The concept of even and odd should be taught when the child is making sense of pairs and is well-versed with quantification rather than just learning a rote number sequence. One can also try teaching about these mathematical elements in a story format.

Students find Maths the most challenging subject, says survey

The undue expectations from parents make it even more challenging for the kids to perform well in Maths. The stereotype can be seen in all parts of the country, reveals a survey.


Apps that can help improve your child's Maths and Science grades

Learning apps can aid in studying Maths and Science, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to helps students learn at their own individual pace, which is often missing in classrooms.

Watch: Ted talks on how to make kids fall in love with math

Dan Finkel, founder of Math for Love asks parents to introduce their kids to the adventure of math. Mathematics is not merely about following rules, he says, but asking questions, playing, exploring and sometimes even breaking things. He offers a five-step guide to bringing playfulness and joy into mathematical thinking.

Not good at mathematics? Your child can still be a whiz at it

Many parents believe that Maths abilities are transferred from parents to their children. They believe if a parent was good at the subject, then the child would definitely turn out good at it as well. We know from research that Math skills are not genetically transferred. It is a skill.

How far is far? Teach kids measurement with this Magic Math ladder

When writing down big numbers with lots of zeroes after the 1, it is very easy for children - and adults! - to make mistakes. That is why the 'Powers of 10' notation is such a useful thing.


Make History Fun Again: Quaint Math puzzles from ancient India

Here are some real problems from the Lilavati. Work them out, and imagine young schoolchildren sitting and solving the same questions 1,000 years ago!

We are trying to remove stigma that comes with failure in Maths: Salman Khan

Today, the online Khan Academy offers more than 2,600 free, 10-minute videos on a range of topics — maths, science, computer science, history, economics and more.

Prime Number: Women mathematicians speak about surviving in a man’s world

The mathematical tradition in India has been robust since the time of Aryabhata and contemporary women mathematicians occupy central positions in it.

Now,maths to help predict a woman's chances of conceiving

The analysis uses the number of menstrual cycles over which the couple has been trying for a baby.