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NASA practices space gardening to pack lunchboxes for Mars

The round-trip journey to Mars is expected to take up to three years, and the astronauts may have to grow some of their own food.

This material may help make Mars habitable: Study

Silica aerogels are 97 per cent porous, meaning light moves through the material but the interconnecting nanolayers of silicon dioxide infrared radiation and greatly slow the conduction of heat.


Fact Check: Did high methane level indicate life on Mars? The science, the setback

What were scientists hoping to find, and what does methane signify?

NASA offers live view of Mars 2020 rover in making

NASA has installed a webcam that allows the public to get a live, bird's-eye view of its Mars 2020 rover as it takes shape, the US space agency said.

NASA's Mars helicopter testing enters final phase

NASA's Mars Helicopter -- first vehicle in history that will attempt to establish the viability of heavier-than-air vehicles flying on another planet -- has successfully passed key tests, the US space agency said.

Pasta-like rocks best bet for life on Mars: Study

A NASA study has found that the rocks on the surface of Mars that look like layers of pasta may be the most obvious sign of life on the red planet.


Fact Check: Do ‘mushrooms’ on Mars count as evidence of life?

A new study, whose findings have been widely reported including by British tabloids such The Daily Mail and The Daily Express, claims to have found “evidence” — photographs that are supposedly of mushrooms — to support the hypothesis that life exists on Mars.

Rivers may have flowed on Mars for longer than thought: Study

Water from rivers persisted on Mars much later into its history than previously thought, according to a study which found that the rivers on the Red Planet were wider than those on Earth today.

NASA spacecraft may have explored edges of Martian sea in 1997

NASA's first rover mission to Mars, the Pathfinder, may have explored the edges of an early Martian sea in 1997, according to scientists who say that images from the probe could yield evidence of habitability on the Red Planet.

NASA to give daily weather reports on Mars, thanks to InSight lander

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will provide daily weather reports for Mars, thanks the Red Planet's newest robotic resident, InSight, mission scientists announced

Mars Photos

NASA confirms Mars has water: Here is a closer look at some pictures

NASA has confirmed evidence of water on Mars in an important discovery. Check out some stunning pictures of the red planet which have hinted at evidence of war on Mars earlier

Ten 'breathtaking pictures from India's Mars orbiter'

ISRO's Pictures from Mars Colour Camera (MCC) onboard India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft.


TOP FRAMES: Best photographs of this week from around the world

Two space probes hog the limelight this week with ISRO's Mangalyaan and NASA's MAVEN entering the Martian orbit.