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Scientist claims presence of life on Mars based on NASA photos; others disagree

A professor emeritus of Ohio University claims that he has found the evidence of insect life on Mars in the pictures sent from the red planet, but NASA and other researchers do not agree.

China tests Mars lander in international cooperation push

China invited observers to a successful test Thursday of its Mars lander as the country pushes for inclusion in more global space projects. China plans to launch a lander and rover to Mars next year to explore parts of the planet in detail.


NASA's Curiosity Rover sends back eerie images of Central Butte on Mars

NASA has shared images taken by Curiosity Rover on the Mars belonging to the rocky surface of the Central Butte that is a part oof the Gale Crater.

NASA aims to land humans on Mars by 2035

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has said that humans can be landed on Mars by 2035.

Mars once had salt lakes similar to those on Earth: Study

According to the researchers, including those from Texas A&M University in the US, liquid water on Mars may have become unsustainable and evaporated as the planet's atmosphere became thinner, and the pressure at the surface became lesser.

NASA's Insight lander starts digging into surface of Mars

NASA's InSight lander has dug nearly 2 centimetres (3/4 of an inch) into the Martian surface with the help of its heat probe called "the mole". The procedure was done with the robotic arm of the spacecraft, which holds the heat probe.


NASA's Mars Orbiter captures InSight lander and Curiosity rover on Red planet

NASA's HiRISE camera on its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sent home views of the agency's InSight lander and its Curiosity rover.

NASA's Curiosity Rover finds evidence of an ancient lake on Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover has found evidence on Mars that suggest that the Gale Crater once held a lake of water around 3.5 billion years ago.

Life on Mars may be found in next two years, says NASA chief scientist

Life on Mars could be found in a couple of years but the world may not be prepared for the "revolutionary" discovery, NASA chief scientist said.

Mysterious magnetic pulses and signs of groundwater discovered on Mars

The magnetic field events at night are among preliminary findings from NASA's InSight mission on Mars. It also found an electrically conductive layer almost 62 miles below the red planet's surface which hints at a reservoir of liquid water, according to a report.

Mars Photos

NASA confirms Mars has water: Here is a closer look at some pictures

NASA has confirmed evidence of water on Mars in an important discovery. Check out some stunning pictures of the red planet which have hinted at evidence of war on Mars earlier

Ten 'breathtaking pictures from India's Mars orbiter'

ISRO's Pictures from Mars Colour Camera (MCC) onboard India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft.


TOP FRAMES: Best photographs of this week from around the world

Two space probes hog the limelight this week with ISRO's Mangalyaan and NASA's MAVEN entering the Martian orbit.