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Ultra-light ceramic aerogel may be used to insulate spacecraft

Scientists have created a light, durable ceramic aerogel that could be used for insulating future spacecraft. The aerogel can withstand intense heat and severe temperature.

NASA loses contact with Opportunity rover in Martian dust storm

Opportunity's power levels had dropped significantly by June 6, requiring the rover to shift to minimal operations and later to temporarily suspend science operations.


Piece of Mars to return home aboard NASA's 2020 rover

NASA's 2020 mission to Mars may be the first to return a piece of rock from the Red Planet.

NASA's Curiosity rover finds new evidence of water on Mars

In a statement NASA said why this layered mountain sits in a crater has been a challenging question for researchers.

Mars rover photographs featured at US museum

Ten years after NASA landed two rovers on Mars for a 90-day mission, one is still exploring, and the project has generated hundreds of thousands of images from the planet’s surface. Now the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum is presenting more than 50 of the best photographs from the two rovers known as Spirit […]

Mars rover begins epic climb on tallest hill yet

Rover began the climb on Oct 8 and has advanced farther uphill with three subsequent drives.


NASA's veteran Mars rover driving to new spot

NASA's Opportunity rover is still on the move after years on the surface of Mars.

Mars rover Opportunity examines rock altered by water

Opportunity is now driving to a new study area after a dramatic finish to 20 months on "Cape York."

Curiosity finds building blocks of life on Mars?

Perchlorates can lead to formation of liquid brines under current conditions on planet: report

Mars rover Curiosity resumes work

We expect to get back to sample-analysis science by the end of the week,says Jennifer Trosper.