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Comet flies by, orbiter focus back on Mars

Isro is also in the process of reaching an agreement for a working group with Nasa to study Mars.

Mission Mars: ISRO nudges orbiter on course

The 16-second course correction was originally scheduled to be conducted in April but was postponed.


ISRO performs first orbit raising operation on Mars mission

A series of five orbit raising operations have been scheduled for the Mars mission.

3rd orbit raising manoeuvre on Mars Orbiter performed

ISRO had performed the first two manoeuvres in the last couple of days,in the series of five.

ISRO performs last orbit raising manoeuvre on its Mars mission

Mars orbit mission is set to reach the orbit of the red planet by September 24,2014.

Mangalyaan orbit-raising a success

The observed change in apogee is from 78,276 km to 1,18,642 km,” Isro said in a statement.


India's Mars orbiter mission suffers glitch,ISRO says spacecraft healthy

The International Designator or NSSDC ID of India's Mars mission is 2013-060A.

Mangalyaan: Second orbit-raising manoeuvre carried out successfully

The first orbit-raising manoeuvre on the Mangalyaan spacecraft had been carried out in the early hours of Thursday.