Mars orbiter mission

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ISRO chairman asks PRL scientists to modify working style

"PRL should probably introspect and see where they have gone back and provide a leadership role particularly in the scientific area," said Kiran Kumar.

Mars orbiter gets a higher life expectancy

It was expected to remain live until March 24, 2015, carrying out various investigations.


ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission team wins Space Pioneer Award

ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission team has won the prestigious 2015 Space Pioneer Award for its rare feat.

How to Catch a Star

A book that cashes in on the curiosity over India’s space programme after its successful Mars mission

It needed a Google doodle to remind us of Mars orbiter success

Google’s now-iconic doodle has become a cultural icon on its own, often an indicator of the global mood, at least the online kind.

TABcab to honour ISRO scientists by carrying messages & photos

Mumbai's TABcab will display on its 200 vehicles their photos and messages congratulating the space agency.


Life span of MOM may be extended to one year: Scientist

The scientist said the most complex part of the mission was to keep an engine idle for 300 days and make it activate after a long gap.

Surat firm made ceramic parts for Mangalyaan

After the success of the Mangalyaan, ISRO scientists also called Bachkaniwala to congratulate him.

India becomes first nation to put spacecraft in Mars orbit in maiden attempt

India is the first country in the world to make it to the Red Plant in the first attempt.

Camera clicks away, methane hunt next

The spacecraft has a predicted life span of six months and scientists are confident that the tenure will be completed.

Mars orbiter mission Photos

Ten 'breathtaking pictures from India's Mars orbiter'

ISRO's Pictures from Mars Colour Camera (MCC) onboard India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft.

TOP FRAMES: Best photographs of this week from around the world

Two space probes hog the limelight this week with ISRO's Mangalyaan and NASA's MAVEN entering the Martian orbit.


First pictures of Mars taken by Mars Orbiter

A team of ISRO scientists presented the first pictures from Mangalyaan.