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ESA's ExoMars programme to search for existence of alien life on Mars

The ExoMars programme, which is a joint venture between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos, is expected to launch sometime in between July 26-August 13, 2020. The programme's Rosalind Franklin rover will primarily search for the existence of alien life on the red planet.

NASA practices space gardening to pack lunchboxes for Mars

The round-trip journey to Mars is expected to take up to three years, and the astronauts may have to grow some of their own food.


NASA aims to build on Moon as a way station for Mars

“We are working right now, in fact, to put together a comprehensive plan on how we would conduct a Mars mission using the technologies that we will be proving at the moon,” Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of the US space agency told reporters on Monday

Mars mission: ISRO boosts many nations to follow suit, says ISRO chief

More countries are approaching us after the completion of our Mars Mission to understand how things can be done.

UAE plans Mars probe in 2020, will be first Arab country to send one

This mission to Mars is really for the hope of the Arab world and will send them a message to say you can be better, you can improve your country.

Mars orbiter gets a higher life expectancy

It was expected to remain live until March 24, 2015, carrying out various investigations.


Indian Science Congress: Real science ignored, say scientists

Other scientists who attended the event too said the controversy sidelined good work presented at the event.

Mars mission remarkable, but not true innovation, says scientist

He claimed that focus of our culture has been on self realisation and not on worldly knowledge as propagated in Upanishads and Gita.

Out of my mind: Mangal ho

Mangalyaan is a tribute to the young leadership of India’s Independence movement.

Life span of MOM may be extended to one year: Scientist

The scientist said the most complex part of the mission was to keep an engine idle for 300 days and make it activate after a long gap.

Mars mission Photos

2nd anniversary of the Mars mission launch: Here's how Mars looks like from Mangalyaan

As we celebrate two years of the Mars Orbiter Mission's launch, take a look at some of the photos sent across by the mission.