Mars mission launch

Mars mission launch News

Mars mission gets under way with ‘near perfect’ launch of Mangalyaan

The PSLV rocket,delivered a perfect launch by parking the Mangalyaan spacecraft precisely outside Earth.

India's Mars orbiter mission suffers glitch,ISRO says spacecraft healthy

The International Designator or NSSDC ID of India's Mars mission is 2013-060A.


China for joint efforts to ensure peace in space

Political mutual trust between our two countries has increased and mutual cooperation has expanded.

Indo-US cooperation takes flight

Nasa to track spacecraft.

ISRO's PSLV delivers a 'near perfect' launch of India's first Mars mission

25th successful mission for PSLV; Mangalyaan set to reach Mars orbit on Sept 24 next year.

India's Mars mission launched,rocket places spacecraft in Earth's orbit

PSLV C25 placed Mars Orbiter precisely in elliptical orbit about 44 minutes after the lift off.


Decision on Mars mission launch date tomorrow: ISRO

The Launch Authorization Board would have a session tomorrow where the date would be finalized.

Mars mission by India on track,ready for October launch,says official

Mars mission on track; scientists testing payloads: official.