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Mark Zuckerberg to meet US civil rights leaders amid political ad concerns

Facebook confirmed that Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg “will host a dinner with leaders in the civil rights community to hear their direct perspective and feedback.”

Zuckerberg defends Instagram deal against US antitrust probe

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told investors Wednesday that Instagram at the time of the 2012 deal wasn’t a true competitor to the social media giant and that it only grew to what it became today because of Facebook’s resources.


Facebook launches news section, will pay publishers

News executives have long been unhappy about the extent to which digital giants like Facebook make use of their stories _ mostly by displaying headlines and short summaries when users post news links.

Facebook's big Libra hearing: What we learnt from Mark Zuckerberg's testimony

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has testified in front of the US House Financial Services Committee over the company's digital currency project called Libra. Here are the important points that stood out in his testimony.

Mark Zuckerberg reassures US Congress on Facebook's digital currency plans

Libra has faltered in recent weeks amid sustained criticism from lawmakers and regulators over fears it may aid money laundering and upend the global financial system.

In Libra hearing, Zuckerberg will admit that Facebook faces trust issues

In his testimony, Zuckerberg is expected to promote the benefits of Libra. He plans to describe Libra as a democratising financial system that will mostly benefit the poor


Mark Zuckerberg hates Warren's plan to break up Facebook. She doesn’t care

On Tuesday, nearly seven months after Warren unveiled her plan, The Verge offered a window into what Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, thinks about Elizabeth Warren's plans and said the company would sue if Warren were to enact the plan as president.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits TikTok has grown past Instagram in India

TikTok has grown past Instagram in India, is what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said as part of an internal question and answer sessions, for which audio recordings and a full transcript have leaked online

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg meets Donald Trump, seeks to mend fences in Washington

Donald Trump has castigated Facebook repeatedly, accusing it of being biased in favour of Democrats.

After Indian woman turns up to meet him, US lawmaker writes to Zuckerberg on FB romance scams

Swindlers impersonate service members to lure victims into false romances and then cheat them out of their savings. An Indian woman had flown to meet Congressman Kinzinger, claiming that she had developed a relationship with him on Facebook.

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Here are the top four richest people in the World for July 2017

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg have topped the Forbes list of richest people in the world. Here is how much they are worth.

Mark Zuckerberg is now the 5th richest: Here are the world's top 20 billionaires

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg is now fifth on the world's richest list. Here are the top 20, according to Forbes.


Photos Of The Year: Vladimir Putin's workout, Mark Zuckerberg's daughter, Barack Obama's selfie

Russian President Vladimir Putin exercises in a gym, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are seen with their daughter named Max, Barack Obama poses for a selfie.

Top Frames: Mark Zuckerberg at IIT Delhi, Narendra Modi at India-Africa Summit

Narendra Modi arrives to meet 20 African leaders during the India-Africa Forum Summit 2015 in New Delhi. Mark Zuckerberg at IIT Townhall during an interaction with IIT students at Delhi.

Pictures that defined 2014: Muzaffarnagar riots, Priyanka Vadra's poll campaign

Starting this week, Indian Express will bring you the best photographs from around India captured through the lens of some of our best and award winning photographers.

Namaste India! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg begins visit

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is on a two-day visit to New Delhi, launched the global Internet project called in the country.


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Facebook’s Zuckerberg drops into Mobile World Congress

The latest in virtual reality technology has been turning heads at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The likes of Samsung and LG Electronics have also been unveiling their latest smartphones, as they seek to stem a slump in the industry. “You can see a very clear break towards the ‘internet of things’ compared […]

VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg's opening remarks at IIT-Delhi

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with students at IIT Delhi, where he spoke of his company’s initiatives and addressed issues such as Net Neutrality and Internet access. Speaking of how important providing Internet access to India is, Zuckerberg said his mission was to connect over a billion people who currently don’t have access, […]