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The Journey Within

Garnering rave reviews ever since its release last week, Marathi film Chumbak explores a boy’s struggle to choose between his dream and his honesty

Marathi directors deny withdrawing their films from IFFI, but are contemplating protest

The nine Marathi films include Kaasav; Ventilator, directed by Rajesh Mapuskar and produced by Priyanka Chopra; Kshitij: A Horizon by Manouj Kadaamh; Kachcha Limbu by Prasad Oak; Maza Bhirbhira by Yogesh Soman and Vivek Wagh among others.


Faster Fene trailer: The trailer of Riteish Deshmukh's upcoming production venture looks quite promising

Riteish Deshmukh's upcoming production venture Faster Fene stars Amey Wagh as the boy detective who delves deep into a murder case but uncovers a huge scam in the process. Directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and written by Khshitij Patwardhan, the film releases on October 27.

When the Young Break Free

Two Marathi films to be screened at ‘Kashish 2016’ explore issues faced by the LGBTI community from the point of view of children.

MNS irked by prime time screening of non-Marathi films

Last week, the party had staged a protest against a movie hall in Borivali that had screened a Gujarati film. The party wants theatres to assign prime time slots, from 6 pm to 9 pm, to Marathi films.

Golden nuggets from a golden era: An encyclopedia on Marathi artistes

Shilpkaar Chartrakosh is a unique encyclopedia on over 650 artistes from Marathi films and the music industry.


Anupam Kher: Let people decide on compulsory screening of Marathi movies

Anupam Kher: I think it (matter) should be left to the public to decide.

Two controversies

Extending beef ban is unreasonable. Decision on Marathi movies was needed

'Frivolous to say I'd be a better Maharashtrian by eating dahi misal'

Any political party interested in true development, in progress, would concentrate on actual issues, says Shobhaa De.

Marathi film industry happy, says govt move will generate audience inter

Deshmukh sums up the impact this new norm is likely to have, “Having a prime time slot does not mean competing with the fare that Bollywood or Hollywood is churning out. This, however, would offer more choices.”