Manmohan Singh corruption

Manmohan Singh corruption News

People did not heed to graft charges in UPA-I,returned it to power: PM

Recognised for his personal integrity,PM emphasised that he never used his office to enrich friends or relatives.

Manmohan Singh under fire for promoting the 'corrupt'

Why did Jaipal Reddy lose his job? For resisting Reliance? tweets Arvind Kejriwal.


PM Manmohan Singh indirectly attacks Arvind Kejriwal's anti-corruption agenda

PM says anti-corruption campaigns are hurting India,blames big ticket scams on 'others'.

PAC,JPC 'meaningless',will target UPA govt on corruption till it quits: BJP

BJP says Constitutional bodies have 'no meaning' as they don't produce results.

RSS questions Anna,corruption remarks on PM

THE RSS disapproved of Team Anna’s comments against PM Manmohan Singh over corruption.

No ‘fast track' and no magic wand: PM

Manmohan Singh listed a series of steps he said were needed to tackle corruption.


Little tolerance for corruption,people expect swift action: PM

Prime Minister pledged swift and exemplary action to deal with corruption.