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Haryana: Silvers beat the heat with mangoes

Haryana Tourism said tours such as Pinjore Mango Fest are organised every year during the mango season, where the first day is kept for disabled kids and the second day for senior citizens.

Looking for healthy muffin recipes? Try this Whole Wheat Mango version

Enjoy the goodness of mangoes and flaxseeds with this delicious Whole Wheat Mango Muffins recipe.


Cheesecake to pastry, easy mango recipes to prepare at home for kids

Mango recipes for kids: This summer, make these easy mango desserts and enjoy with your family.

Can you eat mangoes when pregnant? A doc answers

For many years, mangoes were picked unripe from trees and ripened artificially with calcium carbide, a dangerous chemical. This trend could be behind the trend to avoid mangoes during pregnancy. However, since 2016, Indian FDA has banned use of this chemical for artificially ripening mangoes.

Fit for a King

One of the few things that makes summer bearable is the abundance of mangoes. Food experts share recipes that will help you make the most of the king of fruits this season

Maharashtra mango growers seek compensation, cite crop loss and higher production cost

Given the higher margins in the trade of produce from Karnataka due to the sheer volume, traders and commission agents here push such produce than the costlier mangoes produced in the state.


Why mangoes are good for your kids this summer and recipes to try

Mangoes are easily digestible because of their soft pulp and can be introduced at the age of eight months. The high fibre content reduces constipation and other gastro intestinal disorders.

Is it safe for diabetics to eat mangoes? Let's find out

A diabetic can eat half a mango daily. However, they should avoid having the juice. Also, they must keep a gap of an hour between having food and consuming a mango. Is it worth the risk? Totally, as it comes with innumerable health benefits.

Maharashtra: Mango tasting farms soar high on popularity list of travellers

While the Kolkata-based corporate lawyer has relished Alphonso mangoes at her office in Mumbai, she confesses nothing matches the joy of plucking mangoes from farms and having them amidst nature.

Sweet tidings: Kesar mangoes get a new lease of life, thanks to Israeli technology

Saurashtra farmers go in for high-density plantation of new grafts with salinity-resistant rootstock.

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7 health benefits of eating delicious, JUICY mangoes in summers

Besides being delicious, mango also packs some powerful health benefits. From helping lower the cholesterol levels to reducing the effects of ageing, here are some reasons why you should eat more of your beloved fruit.

Make way for the king of fruits – Mango

Mangoes are here to provide a delicious respite from summer temperatures.