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‘For addressing malnutrition, we need to go down to the village level’

According to the findings of the India State Level Disease Burden Initiative, published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health recently, if trends upto 2017 continue the National Nutrition Mission (NNM) 2022 and WHO and UNICEF targets 2030 will not be achieved in most Indian states.

Palghar: Parents migrate to earn bread, undernourishment kills children

Child deaths, owing to chronic illnesses and undernourishment, are a reality in Palghar, which is situated barely three hours away from Mumbai. Activists put this down mainly to the annual pattern of migration for work.


Awareness Campaign in Delhi's bastis: Malnutrition death of three sisters serves as call for action for 50 youth

Working alongside social workers from various organisations, the youth have been visiting bastis in five districts since August, armed with a petition

As malnutrition deaths in tribal areas continue, Bombay HC raps Maharashtra government

“Are you boasting of your achievements? If you were actually implementing the schemes, you should be able to say that there is not even one death (because of malnutrition),” the bench said.

Anganwadi still not providing food to Aliya’s siblings

The anganwadi and the PHC in Kalamb failed to provide Aliya any vaccination doses.

Deaths due to malnutrition on the rise in Delhi

Two deaths were reported in 2009 followed by 14 deaths in 2010.