Malaysian flight MH370

Malaysian flight MH370 News

Mozambique debris to be sent to Australia for MH370 analysis

The fragment of suspected aircraft wreckage was reportedly found on the coast of Mozambique, and photos of it have stirred hope it could provide clues into what befell the ill- fated Malaysia Airlines flight.

Rear View: Shredding the old year

Shredding the old year


‘MH370 was on autopilot as it flew over Indian Ocean’

Investigators have reviewed information in order to define a search zone of up to 60,000 square kilometres in the southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysian PM admits missteps in MH370 search; scouring resumes

Najib asserted that none of this could have altered the fate of Malaysia Airlines plane.

Malaysia rules out releasing raw satellite data to MH370 kin

It was better for the International Panel of Experts to decide which information should be made public: Malaysian Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein

DGCA orders airlines to track flights in real time

Any aircraft can be located by the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B).


Malaysian Airlines MH370: 4 questions about missing plane answered

The Malaysian Air Force's official line is that its radar operators spotted the plane but didn't have any reason to suspect it.

Malaysian PM Razak dials Manmohan Singh for help

Najib Razak spoke to Manmohan Singh asking for his help in the massive search for the Malaysian jet.

Shirsath kin mull leaving for Malaysia

The Shirsath family is now contemplating going to Malaysia after its embassy extended emergency passport facilities to them.