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Malaysia Airlines taps lenders, first jet financing since 2014 restructuring

Malaysia Airlines' poor operating performance and a forced haircut taken by banks and lessors on finance and operating leases during the airline's restructuring could make some banks wary of a financing deal with the carrier.

"Love for country" behind move to Ryanair, says Malaysia Airlines' CEO

Bellew was Malaysia Airlines' chief operating officer before taking over as chief executive in July last year, after his predecessor Christoph Mueller abruptly quit less than a year after being hired for a three-year mission to revive the firm.


It's getting harder for a plane to vanish and not be found

New international safety standards also begin to kick-in beginning next year, although the deadline for airlines to meet most of the standards is still four years away.

Search for missing Malaysian flight ends without a trace

Malaysia Airlines search: "Despite every effort using the best science available ... the search has not been able to locate the aircraft," Malaysian, Australian and Chinese authorities said in a statement.

Malaysia Airlines: Doubts cloud recovery after CEO Christoph Mueller's abrupt exit

Though still in the red, Malaysia Airlines has reported improved traffic and on-time-performance and last month Mueller forecast annual profit by 2018.

Malaysia Airlines' bid to throw out MH370 lawsuit dismissed by court

The suit ruled on Wednesday was filed by two teenagers whose parents and older brother were on the plane on the ill-fated flight.


Mozambique debris highly likely from MH370, say Australian investigators

Experts will also likely examine the debris to see if it can offer any hints about what happened on board, such as structural deformities that could show the angle at which the plane entered the ocean or markings that could indicate a mid-air explosion.

MH370 families' painful choice: Demand answers or move on?

Across China, dozens of families are still wrestling with how — or if — to accept that their relatives are dead

Possible missile parts found at MH17 crash site: Dutch prosecutors

The announcement represents the first time prosecutors have confirmed possible physical evidence of a missile bringing down the plane and killing all 298 people on board.

Missing Malaysia Airlines: France steps up Reunion island search for MH370 debris

"Any discovery will be immediately made available to the investigation," said the joint statement by the French ministers of defence, transport and overseas territories yesterday.

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Malaysian plane with 5 Indians on board goes missing off Vietnam coast

A Beijing-bound Malaysian Airlines plane that went missing with 239 people on board.