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Malaysia civil aviation chief resigns over MH370 lapses

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the report had highlighted failures by air traffic control to comply with standard operating procedures but had not suggested the aviation authority was to blame for the loss of the aircraft.

Missing Malaysia jet: plane's search area to be expanded

The hunt for the Malaysia Airlines jet will be expanded to include a massive swath of ocean floor that may take up to eight months.


Missing flight MH370: Malaysia asks countries for data to help find jet

Malaysia's government asked a dozen Asian countries for help saying that finding the plane would be difficult without data on its movements.

Concerned Iran extends help to Malaysia

We are offering their cooperation to obtain more information, says Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswomen.

Two women visited the Malaysian Airlines cockpit in 2011: report

Malaysian Airlines is investigating an Australia television report that two women stayed in the cockpit for a flight two years ago.