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Amritsar train tragedy: At civil hospital, parents wait for autopsies of their children who left homes to 'celebrate' 

Only 24 (including adults) were identified by Saturday morning as the rest were dismembered beyond recognition. The hospital also received partial remains found scattered on the tracks after a speeding train mowed over dozens of people in the city.

Alertness necessary for public events near rail tracks: Nitish Kumar

More than 58 people were mowed down by a train on rail tracks Friday evening at Joda Phatak area near Amritsar during Dusshera celebrations.


Over 300 accidents in 4 years, in 7 cases out of 10, Railway staff were to blame

The government defines “consequential accidents” as those with “serious repercussions in terms of loss of human life, human injury, loss to railway property or interruption to rail traffic”.

Cronology of major train accidents in recent years

Here is a timeline of major train accidents in India in recent years.

Timeline of major train accidents in recent years

Sunday's train accident is the latest in a line of tragedies to have hit the Indian railways.