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Majnu ka Tilla: Struggle for identity a way of life for North Delhi's Tibetan refugee colony

Situated on the banks of Yamuna, Majnu-ka-Tilla was built on a piece of land granted to Tibetan asylum seekers fleeing Chinese occupation, in 1960. Since then, the community has attained a firm balance in preserving their communal identity and establishing a flourishing commercial hub.

Street Wise: How intersection of faiths gave Majnu Ka Tilla its name

The urban legend about Majnu ka Tilla being named after star-crossed lovers Laila-Majnu, historians say, is not true.


At Majnu ka Tila school where culture comes first, Tibetan is at the centre of learning

Every Wednesday, teachers and students attend school wearing traditional clothes, and children are served a Tibetan lunch — a departure from dal, chawal, sabzi served on other days.

Delhi: Behind stolen idol, a marriage that ended in divorce, say police

The idol was supposed to be smuggled to Tibet.

Delhi: Uneasy calm in Majnu ka Tila vicinity after clashes

The police brought the situation under control around midnight and deployed nearly 30 personnel in the area.

A day after violence, four arrested in Majnu ka Tila

According to police, a group of around 25 people were involved in a clash around 9 pm on Sunday.


Two groups clash in Majnu ka Tila

Police said the Sahsi community gathered a group and began pelting stones at the Balmikis.

HC blast case: Juvenile sent to correction home for 3 yrs

The accused was among the six people arrested for masterminding the high-intensity blast outside Delhi HC.

Raghu Rai captures stories of refugees through exhibition

Raghu Rai captures the stories of refugees living in India through his latest exhibition

40 minors flee juvenile home in North Delhi

Authorities say two minors told the rest that they would be forced into child labour.