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Reading Gandhi in Tehran

A decade later, the peaceful Green Movement continues to inspire Iranians worldwide.

Hassan Rouhani suffers first major political defeat, people give thumbs down to economic policy

The 455,000-rial (USD 14, 10-euro) monthly handout scheme is part of broader economic reforms aimed at overhauling the country's massive subsidy system.


Hanging out, over a cup of coffee

Encouraged by a moderate government led by President Hassan Rouhani, youngsters in Tehran bond at the city’s new coffee shops

Talk Like an Iranian

What it means to sulk in Tehran, and other mysteries of Iranian life

Snowden warns of loss of privacy in Christmas message

Snowden has been granted temporary asylum,he spoke of concerns over surveillance in an age of huge technological advancement.

Iran offers concessions,next talks set for Nov 7-8

Iran hints ready to curb sensitive uranium enrichment,may later allow UN probe.


Iran appoints pragmatist Salehi to head nuclear programme

Iran has replaced a hardliner with a pragmatist to take charge of its nuclear programme.

Rouhani sworn in as Iran President

Iran,US signal fresh will to end dispute on Tehran’s nuclear programme; Iran calls for dialogue to reduce antagonism,aggression; US says ready to work with Rouhani govt

'Diplomat sheikh' Rouhani: Iran's seventh president

'Moderate' cleric Rouhani takes Iran's presidential office at a difficult time.

Hassan Rowhani set to become the 7th President of Iran

After his election win in June,the 64-year-old assumes Iran's highest elected office.