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Who is Blade?

Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali will play the lead role in a Blade reboot. The character is half-vampire, half-human who has special abilities like immunity from vampires and the usual superhuman abilities like incredible strength, stamina, speed and agility.

Black actors don't get cast on potential: Mahershala Ali

Green Book actor Mahershala Ali is of the view that black artistes do not get cast on the basis of their talent. He believes that his role as Remy Danton in House of Cards gave casting directors "permission" to put him in their projects.


Road to Oscars 2019: Mahershala Ali is the frontrunner in Best Supporting Actor category

Mahershala Ali has already won a Golden Globe for his performance in Green Book. And therefore, it would be no surprise if the versatile actor gets to walk away with the statuette this time as well.

True Detective Season 3 first impression: Make way for Mahershala Ali's genius

Academy Award-winner Mahershala Ali plays detective Wayne Hays, who suffers from a form of amnesia in the latest season of HBO's True Detective. Spanning three time periods, Wayne and his partner Roland West (Stephen Dorff) attempt to solve a murder mystery involving two missing children. But will they succeed?

Green Book takes top honour at the Producers Guild Awards

Green Book has had a rollercoaster awards campaign, weathering its share of both praise and backlash. But the film has with its PGA and Golden Globe wins emerged stronger than ever going into Tuesday's Academy Award nominations.

Green Book Oscar campaign unravels after twin controversies involving director, writer

Green Book director Peter Farrelly and writer Nick Vallelonga have both landed in separate controversies which could adversely affect the movie's Oscar campaign after its three wins at the Golden Globes.


Green Book movie review: Viggo Mortensen turns in a career-defining performance

Green Book movie review: Viggo Mortensen, even in his more one-dimensional role, never ceases to astonish.

Green Book wins People's Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival

Audience response was rapturous to Green Book, which stars Mahershala Ali as a classical pianist on a concert tour of the Deep South in the 1960s. Viggo Mortensen plays the Italian-American bouncer hired to drive him while relying on The Green Book,

True Detective season 3 teaser introduces Mahershala Ali's haunted police detective

We get little of the plot, but True Detective season 3's teaser sets the tone nicely. Featuring Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali as the protagonist Wayne Has, season 3 will be out in January 2019.

Mahershala Ali and Hailee Steinfeld join the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

The coming onboard of Mahershala Ali and Hailee Steinfeld was confirmed in the trailer of the film whic released on Wednesday. While Hailee is playing the spunky, free-spirited Spider-Gwen, Mahershala plays Miles' influential uncle Aaron.