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Maharashtra: Forest department, local body team up to conduct crocodile survey

The survey aims to obtain details on the population and habitat of crocodiles. Starting in June, OWLS has completed a survey of 14 villages of 85 located on the banks of these rivers.

Maharashtra: President’s Medal for five police officers

Five Maharashtra Police officers have been awarded the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service this Independence Day.


Maharashtra Energy Minister: 2.73 lakh power connections restored

The minister added that 50 teams were working to restore the power connections in the flood-hit districts, while around 500 officials had reached Kolhapur and Sangli for supervising the work.

Maharashtra floods: 570 medical teams in Sangli, Kolhapur

With lakhs evacuated from homes without their daily pills when parts of western Maharashtra were flooded, health workers are scouting for patients to provide them with their daily dose of medicines.

Maharashtra: At 36%, hysterectomies in Beed district ‘unusually’ higher compared to state, India

Many health organisations came together on Wednesday to demand an inquiry into the alleged illegal hysterectomies of woman labourers in Beed district, known for sugarcane farming.

Wholesale markets in Maharashtra to stay shut on Nov 27

The state government, by means of an ordinance, has practically denuded the APMCs of their control over trade in agricultural commodities and limited their sphere of influence.


Man serving kulfi for nearly 4 decades; With quality & freebies, he keeps clientele intact

For more than 35 years, Singh has been unloading two large aluminium crates, a weight scale, piles of leaves and a stool sharp at 7 pm.

Maharashtra: Pankaja Munde calls herself ‘tigress’, attacks rivals within, outside party

BJP insiders said that with Thursday’s rally, Pankaja has once again established her credential as a leader with mass following, especially among supporters belonging to her own Vanjari community.

Maharashtra: NGO drive to collect, recycle, reuse plastic

The NGO plans to recycle and reuse the collected plastic for creating a special art installations as well as making benches for senior citizens and waste bins.

Maharashtra: 52% students in PG courses are women

At least 45 per cent of the students in Maharashtra are women, according to the survey. However, the representation is skewed in favour of women among postgraduate students.