Maharashtra beef ban

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Maharashtra beef ban law: Cases dip by over 75%, fewer animals rescued this year

In all, 2,617 animals were rescued this year, compared to 6,056 in 2015 and 15,250 in 2016.

Supreme Court observes Right to Privacy may affect beef ban in Maharashtra

This statement was made in the top court while hearing the appeal filed by the Maharashtra Government against the Bombay High Court's decision to strike down the ban on possession of beef by citizens in the state.


Amid cry for beef ban, meat exports from India on a rise

US department of agriculture shows that India has been the largest exporter of beef in the world since last year.

Beef ban: Police will enter homes, ask what are you eating

The state had earlier defended its decision to ban beef in Maharashtra by telling the court that eating beef was not a fundamental right.

At Asia’s largest abattoir, butchers fear livelihood loss as beef ban sets in

Maharashtra’s beef trade is controlled by Muslims of Qureshi community, who work as butchers and dealers.