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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Maha Vajiralongkorn


Thai king's praise for defiant loyalist draws controversy

October 24, 2020 2:47 pm

In a video recorded on Friday evening as Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn greeted well-wishers outside the Grand Palace, he is heard praising a monarchist who is introduced by Queen Suthida as the man who held up the royal portrait while others were protesting.

Thailand protests: Thousands gather despite ban; PM refuses to resign

October 17, 2020 12:54 pm

Over the last two days, the Thai police have used violence to suppress demonstrators, as the government intensified its crackdown on the youth-led pro-democracy movement.

Thailand king reconciles with royal consort

September 02, 2020 6:24 pm

In July last year, Vajiralongkorn gave Sineenatra the royal consort title of chao khun phra sineenatra bilasakalayani, reviving an old palace tradition of taking a junior wife that had not been practiced for almost a century.

Explained: Why protests many in Germany are protesting against Thailand king's sojourn in Alps

May 29, 2020 9:04 am

Many critics have denounced King Maha Vajiralongkorn for failing to show leadership and responsibility at a time when not only the country’s public health but also its economy has been hit hard.

Thai king fires more officials for 'extremely evil' conduct, 'adultery'

October 30, 2019 9:55 pm

The four dismissals on Tuesday followed those of six palace officials last week, who were accused of severe disciplinary misconduct that caused harm to the royal service.

Lèse-majesté law explained: Why ‘insulting’ Thai king can land you in jail

October 26, 2019 9:11 pm

Although the foreign press has often reported about the Thai monarchy, any discussion about the royals within Thailand itself, if perceived as “insulting”, can lead to strict punishment under the nation’s lèse-majesté law.

Newly crowned Thai king carried through Bangkok in royal procession

May 05, 2019 9:18 pm

King Vajiralongkorn, carried through the streets by 16 men bearing his gilded palanquin, visited three royal temples, starting with Bovoranives, where he spent 15 days ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1978. He paid homage to the temple's main Buddha image as well as the relic and cremated remains of his father.

Maha Vajiralongkorn crowned as Thailand king in $30 million royal ceremony

May 04, 2019 10:00 pm

The last time such a ceremony took place was in 1950 for King Adulyadej, also known as Rama IX, Vajiralongkorn, who is the tenth monarch of the reigning Chakri dynasty, ascended the throne after the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016.

'I shall reign in righteousness': Thailand crowns king Maha Vajiralongkorn in ornate ceremonies

May 04, 2019 12:13 pm

King Vajiralongkorn, 66, became constitutional monarch after the death of his revered father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, in October 2016 after 70 years on the throne.

Thailand King coronation Highlights: Maha Vajiralongkorn grants titles to royal family on 2nd day of rituals

May 05, 2019 6:28 pm

Thailand King coronation Highlights: This is the first such ceremony in 69 years since Vajiralongkorn father Bhumibol Adulyadej died two years ago, Adulyadej became Thailand's monarch in 1950.


In photos: Coronation of Thailand's King Vajiralongkom

May 06, 2019 7:42 am

Vajiralongkorn, who is the tenth monarch of the reigning Chakri dynasty, ascended the throne after the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016 and has since been dispatching his duties as a king.