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Searching for the next Bobby Fischer, US finds Fabiano Caruana

Fabi Caruana will challenge the world’s best player, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, at the World Chess Championships in London. They will play 12 matches over the course of three weeks beginning Friday.

Young gun Magnus Carlsen's quick-draw trick

Against Anand,challenger Carlsen has been flexible enough to use the draw as a blunting weapon.


Viswanathan Anand misses chance to make a point

Champion gives challenger a scare with black pieces but Carlsen recovers to draw.

Yesterday once more

Anand fails to take advantage of white pieces as Game 2 ends in draw after 67 minutes.

Magnus Carlsen at 12: 'Why was I born without any chess talent?'

It is amusing to look back at some of comments made by a very young Carlsen at Gausdal tournament.