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Jon Hamm 'finally' wins best actor Emmy for 'Mad Men'

Jon Hamm's troubled ad man Don Draper from 'Mad Men' helped him win the outstanding actor in a drama series honour at the 2015 Emmy Awards, ending his eight years of quest for the coveted title.

'Mad Men' was challenging: Jon Hamm

Actor Jon Hamm says his role of a troubled ad agency boss on the hit show "Mad Men" took an emotional toll on him.


Jay Ferguson to play on show about gay activist Dan Savage

'Mad Men' star Jay R Ferguson is set for a lead role on an untitled comedy pilot.

'Mad Men' final episodes to go on air from April 5

Final seven episodes of critically-acclaimed TV series 'Mad Men' will kick off April 5.

Jon Hamm on why he turned down superhero films

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm feels it was a right choice for him to decline superhero roles as they would have tied him down.

'Mad Men' actors' work has not been recognised: Creator

Mad Men has been critically acclaimed since its debut in 2007, earning nominations in multiple awards, but none of their wins have ever included Emmys for any of the actors, reported Contactmusic.


Juvenile pleasures

American TV shows tell us that adulthood as we have known it has become conceptually untenable.

Daniel Radcliffe has handled fame with grace: Jon Hamm

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm has praised Daniel Radcliffe for handling fame with 'enviable' grace.

Jon Hamm enjoying a break

Jon Hamm says he is enjoying taking a career break now that 'Mad Men' has finished filming.

Prime Time Tamasha: Will Indian television enjoy a true resurgence?

Taking a cue from American shows will Indian TV see a resurgence?

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Golden Globes 2016 winners: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson

Leonardo DiCaprio's ‘The Revenant’ and Matt Damon's ‘The Martian’ won the top movie prizes at the Golden Globes on a night of surprises, laughter and barbed comments from fourth-time host Ricky Gervais. Leonardo, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson won Best Actor Awards. Here is a list of the winners at Golden Globes 2016.