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AWS wants to drive public sector partnership in India with effective AI, ML tools

The Amazon Web Services wants to drive the public sector partnership in India with effective Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools.

IIIT-Delhi launched B.Tech in computer science and artificial intelligence

The undergraduate course will be offered by the Department of CSE and Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence, IIIT-Delhi, which is supported by Infosys Foundation to do cutting-edge research in AI and related areas.


GATE 2019 topper Shashank wants to serve nation as an IES

GATE result 2019 topper: Madhya Pradesh boy, who topped GATE 2019 with All India Rank (AIR) 1 and 989 score loves solving difficult questions as it makes him practice his concepts better. Son of an engineer, Shashank Mangal, also wants to crack Indian Engineering Services (IES) exam conducted by the UPSC.

There is need for a legal, organisational framework to regulate bias in algorithms

The extant law in India is glaringly inadequate. Our framework of constitutional and administrative law is not geared towards assessing decisions made by non-human actors.

This AI from NVIDIA, MIT can fix your noisy, grain photos on its own

The idea is being presented at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden this week.

Google Cloud Summit 2018: Focus on training Indian professionals on new Cloud technologies and services

With a boost in training infrastructure in India, Google to focus heavily on training Indian professionals on new Cloud technologies like Machine Learning and AI


Microsoft introduces AI to improve real-time translation in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil

Microsoft has extended the use of artificial intelligence and Deep Neural Networks, to allow instant translation in Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.

New method allows computers to learn unknown words

Researchers have developed a new computer system, that enables itself to learn new words after multiple inputs, after which it predicts meanings as a user prompt.

Machine learning can outperform people, not replace them in jobs: Study

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and MIT found 21 criteria to evaluate whether a task or a job is amenable to machine learning (ML).

AI will create more jobs than it eliminates: Gartner

A new study shows that even though artificial intelligence will eliminate some jobs, it will create many more new jobs, thereby disproving previously-held assumptions.

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