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Chandini completes her degree, ready to focus on acting

Chandini Tamilarasan has finally completed her degree in Visual Communications.

Watch 'A Silent Melody' this Valentine

Valentine's Day is around the corner and the season of love has just started.


Passionate lovers may have diminished focus

Balance between less and more cognitive control may be critical for a successful relationship.

How kisses fade away with time in married couples

In the first six months,couples kiss 25 times a week,falling to 19 after five years.

Now,a robotic hand to hold hands of loved ones over Internet

A robotic hand that allows a person to hold the hand of his loved ones over the Internet with the help of an electronic wristband has been developed by scientists in Hong Kong.

1 in 5 Brit women would ditch her lover if he dressed badly!

Women are very particular about how their boyfriends dress up,so much so that more than a fifth would ditch their lovers if they dressed badly.


Police asked to 'guard' lovers on V-Day in UP

With the 'guardians of culture' on self-imposed duty on the Valentine's Day,police force in UP is directed to make sure that the day will pass on without any act of moral policing.